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Laurelle aka Lobbit
23 December
Matthews, North Carolina, United States
The Life and Times of Lobbit
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80's music, alanis morissette, baking, bend it like beckham, bjork, books, bunnies, candy, chocolate, clothes, computer games, cooking, correct grammer, david bowie, daydreaming, disney movies, donnie darko, dorkiness, dreaming, elton john, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fiction, food, foreign films, friends, frou frou, garbage, googling, harry potter, hobbits, hugs, humor, jimmy eat world, jonathan rhys meyers, kanye west, laughing, laziness, lightning, love, mandalay, memories, modest mouse, monkey island, movies, music, n.e.r.d, ncssm, night, nine inch nails, no doubt, obsessive thoughts, office space, oldies, open mindedness, outkast, oz, penguins, procrastination, queen, quiet, rain, randomness, reading, sensitive people, shopping, shrek, sigur ros, sleeping, spelling, spongebob squarepants, strawberries, surprises, telenovelas, the cure, the postal service, third eye blind, thunder, thunderstorms, tori amos, travelling, travis, u2, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, weezer, winter, you